Welcome to First Engineering Services Ltd - A business built on recommendation.

First Engineering Services Ltd has evolved through the delivery of parts, equipment and systems to companies who are looking to maximize their potential future growth and product throughput, resulting in increased profitability.

The level of entry can be either at the initial idea debate or the tender level once decisions have been finalised. At either stage the Design Team of First Engineering Services Ltd’s are willing to work closely with the customer in order to achieve the end goal. Our engineering expertise has evolved whilst dealing with the high demands of efficient fast- moving business. First Engineering Services Ltd’s enthusiastic approach to mechanical and electrical engineering conveying system solutions is second to none. Once appointed. First Engineering Services Ltd actively seeks out new technologies within the industry in order to deliver to the end user systems which will allow them reliability with minimum down times also taking into account not only the maintenance teams who have to look after the systems in the coming years but also the stores managers who need to know parts and components are readily available if an incident occurs. Please take time to browse through this site which will hopefully provide you with a brief range of our equipment, services and flexibility.

First Engineering Services Ltd was first established in Carlisle in 1999 mainly working within the food processing and manufacturing industries - providing local blue chip companies with general maintenance breakdown and repair services. With continued investment and growth, First Engineering Services Ltd has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel conveying systems serving the UK; with equipment also being shipped into the EU.

First Engineering Services Ltd

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